Use of Cannabis

“One of the main reasons for the prohibition of cannabis is that the THC (tetra-hydro-cannabinol) substance, which is concentrated in the upper part of the female cannabis, is used as cannabis, which is an enjoyable and addictive substance,” said Prof. Dr. First stated that there are more than 461 different chemical components in the cannabis plant and concluded her words as follows: “There are false beliefs among the public that natural substances are not addictive. However, this is not true. According to studies, it seems that cannabis use causes both physical and psychological addiction.

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In a study, 35% of cannabis users described withdrawal symptoms such as being unable to quit even though they wanted to, 24% continuing to use it despite harm, 13% having difficulty in controlling their use, and extreme restlessness and nervousness when not using it. For this reason, it would be appropriate to consider the risk of addiction due to misuse and misuse while trying to benefit from the benefits of the plant, and to take precautions accordingly.”

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